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June 30, 2012
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          "Commander Starscream? You might want to come see this…," the drone looked over at his commander who stalked over rolling his optics in annoyance.
          "Yes, yes. What's the-," Starscream's words got cut off as he spotted what was upsetting the drone, and his optics widened in shock and disbelief. There, lying in the crate of energon they managed to steal from the Autobots, was a red and purple seeker sparkling. Oblivious to the world around it, the sparkling was sleeping soundly, as though it wasn't upon the Decepticon warship, and at the mercy of the cruel leader and commander. Starscream turned to the drone who discovered the little surprise.
          "Go tell Megatron I will be coming to see him in a few minutes," the drone nodded and hurried off to find the Decepticon leader. Once he was out of sight, Starscream bent down and gently picked up the small sparkling. Being stirred from its nap, the sparkling lazily opened its optics and gazed at Starscream curiously. Cooing, the sparkling smiled up at Starscream, whose spark instantly melted. Gently cradling the sparkling against his chest plates, Starscream made his way to Megatron.


          "I will raise it to be a fine Decepticon, Master," Starscream looked up to the warlord from his bowed position, still cradling the sparkling against his chest. Megatron sighed.
          "Against my better judgement, I will allow you to keep the sparkling," Megatron shook his head at the thought. "Just take it to Knockout to be examined before anything. You are dismissed," the lord continued to gaze out at the sunset sky cruising by as the ship flew. Starscream nodded and stood. He walked out of the control room and headed to the medical bay were Knockout was stationed. Walking into the med bay, Starscream saw Knockout standing at one of the computers, typing in data. Knockout, hearing Starscream's footfalls, turned around and smiled half-heartedly at the commander.
          "Hello Starscream. What brings you-," Knockout stopped mid-sentence and his optics widened as he gazed down at the little sparkling asleep in Starscream's arms. He looked back up to the commander, who sighed.
          "Let me explain, and then I need you to examine it, okay?" Knockout sighed, nodded and leaned back against the operating table, listening to Starscream tell the short story of how he found the sparkling. Once he was done, he looked to Knockout with a raised optic ridge.
          "Well then…," Knockout paused and thought it over for a few moments. He shook his head and patted the operation table. "Place it here and I'll look it over," Starscream walked to the table and lay the sparkling down on it, who woke up and squeaked in protest at being torn from its new caregiver. He stayed close though, calming it down as Knockout looked it over.
          "It's defiantly a femme, I'll tell you that. And she is fairly healthy. All you need to do is care for her properly, and mix some sparkling formula in low-grade energon and feed her that. Of course it's not that simple, but those are just the basics. Speaking of sparkling formula…," Knockout's voice trailed off and he walked over to the storage room and started rummaging around for something. He came back out with a bottle and container of purple powder in his hands.
          "One, do not ask why or how I got this stuff. All I gotta say is that you never know when something will come in handy. Two, mix a spoonful of this powder into the energon, pour it in this bottle, and feed it her about five to six times a day," he handed it to Starscream, who looked at Knockout in shock. Knockout just shook his head and grinned, picking up a needle.
          "W-what are you doing?!" Starscream's optics widened as he put the things down on one of the tables.
          "I need to take a quick energon sample. See if I can get any background information on her," he gently took the sparkling's arm in his hand and pierced the soft metal with the needle, earning a cry of pain from the little one. Stascream was at her side instantly, soothing her until she was only whimpering. Knockout extracted the needle and put the energon from her on a plastic dish, and slid it into the computer. Tapping at the keyboard, Knockout pulled a file open and skimmed over it.
          "There is barely any information on her. Other than her name – which is Radium – and her age – which is the human equivalent of three months – there's nothing. No names of her creators, siblings. Nothing. She must have been taken in by the Autobots. They must have found her on Cybertron and brought her here to Earth with them. So I'm only assuming that her family… is dead," he looked up to Starscream, who looked back at him in shock, then down to Radium.
          "Since Lord Megatron has let you keep her, it has fallen onto you to be her adoptive creator – or parent if you prefer – and raise her as your own. She is too young to remember the Autobots and her family being killed, so I doubt she'll question you. Plus the both of you are seekers, which helps," Starscream nodded and picked up Radium, who snuggled into him and closed her optics.
          "Thank you for the advice Knockout. Though where you got it from is beyond me," Knockout shook his head and dismissed Starscream, who picked up the sparkling formula and bottle and walked out of the med bay, heading towards his room.
          Closing the door and locking it behind him, Starscream gently laid the small seeker on his berth and watched her sleeping soundly. He looked up to his window to see the stars coming out, then back to Radium. Smiling down warmly at her, he lay down beside her and stroked her cheek with his thumb as she cuddled into him. His Radium. His little Radium. He planted a small kiss on her forehead and closed his optics, falling asleep next to his new sparkling.
Just so you know, this takes place in Transformers: Prime verse.

Have some Starscream and sparkling Radium (my TF OC) fluff for your thoughts.

This is chapter one of a series I'm hoping to write. But I lack persistance, so it may die by the third chapter or so. But it may not. I dunno.

I apologize for it being so short, but it's only the first chapter. There will hopefully be more to come.

And for those of you who already know Radium, this is NOT her backstory. I'm just writing it because. So ya. Enjoy!

Moxi out. :heart:

Radium (c) Me
Starscream and the Transformers franchise (c) Hasbro
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